Well Decommissioning Services in Washington

Well Decommissioning often becomes necessary when old unused wells are found during construction or exploration of a property. If you have an abandoned well in Washington State, JKA Well Drilling can help with proper well decommissioning per Washington State requirements.

Abandoned water wells typically come in two forms:

  • Drilled Wells – Typically 6-8 inches in diameter, made with steel casing – a drilling machine must be mobilized to remove these wells (see Rig Access below).
  • Dug Wells – Dug wells are typically concrete lined structures measuring 2-3 feet in diameter and 10 to 30 feet deep. A drilling machine is not used for well decommissioning, but a concrete truck, excavator, and/or crane truck may require access.

Rig Access

Site preparation is more complicated on larger projects, but is generally required on all projects due to the size of the machinery involved in the project. Some projects only need a load of gravel laid down on the road, others need whole roads & drilling pads constructed with containment ponds and surface water management. A site visit and a clear specification from the Owner is necessary for most site preps to proceed.

Please review this site planning document.

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