Water Well & Pump System Repairs

Well pumps and equipment require specialized plumbing & electrical licenses to legally repair, and highly specialized equipment to repair in a timely manner.

 JKA Well Drilling & Pumps has multiple pump hoists, limited access equipment, and multiple service vans with qualified technicians, specialized equipment, and common inventory available to fix your well pump problems. Often we can deliver same day service to make repairs!

If you’re out of water or notice that your water system is having problems, give us  call today!

Well Pump Repair Service Contractor

Replacing or repairing a well pump is a complicated task and should be left up to a professional. If you understand the basics about a well system, you will know that completing this project by yourself could cost you more time and money than you want to spend. An advanced Washington well repair contractor with the knowledge of electrical wiring and plumbing skills is definitely capable of replacing a well pump. JKA is your licensed well repair contractor.

Washington Well Pump

If your pump is in need of replacement, the new pump assembly must be done with great care and efficiency. JKA Well Drilling is just a phone call away.

To have your well pump repaired properly, you should contact your licensed Washington well pump repair contractor, JKA Well Drilling. We have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, and as quick as possible.

Washington Well Pump Installation Service

For Washington, there are a large number of variables that determine the size and type of well pump that is put in any given well – including well yield, depth, water system delivery pressure, elevation of delivery point, etc. Additionally, because electricity costs money and water supplies aren’t necessarily endless, it’s often good practice to size pumps for electrical AND water efficiencies. Finally, there are three standard pump types for most residential and small irrigation projects (larger pumping systems, such as systems serving farms & cities, tend to use commercial pumps).

Submersible pumps push water from deep underground, allowing you to make use of water coming from deep wells for drinking, irrigation, animal watering, vehicle washing, etc.

Jet pumps suck water from shallow wells to the surface, but are limited to wells where the water is only 25 feet or less from the surface. Jet pumps will not deliver a lot of water, so are generally only recommended for small residential projects where the project is on a very strict budget.

Centrifugal pumps are used to deliver large quantities of water from reservoirs or storage tanks.

While it’s possible to buy all of these pumps at a big box store or hardware store, you’ll sacrifice in quality what you save in dollars – as most of these stores stock the relabeled products that don’t meet the quality control standards for local professional dealers.


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