Don’t Get Caught in the Cold: Protecting Your Snohomish County Well System from Winter’s Wrath

Living in Snohomish County, we know winter can pack a punch. While cozy fireplaces and snow angels are delightful, frozen pipes and malfunctioning pumps can quickly turn the dream into a nightmare. Protecting your well system from the icy grip of winter is crucial, not just for convenience, but for the health and safety of your home and family.

The Chilling Truth About Frozen Pipes:

Frozen water expands, and that’s bad news for your pipes. It can cause cracks, bursts, and leaks, leading to costly repairs, water damage, and even health risks from contaminated water. According to the National Ground Water Association, freezing temperatures can also damage well pumps, potentially leaving you without running water at the worst possible time.

Prevention is Key:

The good news is, that proactive measures can keep your well system running smoothly all winter long. Here are some key tips from the Water Quality Association:

  • Insulate exposed pipes: Wrap vulnerable pipes in basements, crawl spaces, and attics with foam insulation or heat tape.
  • Seal air leaks: Drafts can significantly lower temperatures around pipes, so seal cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Let the faucet drip: A slow, steady drip can keep water moving and prevent freezing in exposed pipes.
  • Open cabinet doors: Allow warm air to circulate around pipes under sinks and appliances.
  • Maintain your well pump: Regular inspections and maintenance by a qualified professional can identify potential problems before they lead to freezing.

When Prevention Fails:

Even with the best precautions, sometimes freezing temperatures prevail. If you suspect a frozen pipe or pump, don’t panic, and don’t attempt DIY repairs! Improper thawing methods can worsen the situation. Instead, SHUT OFF THE POWER TO YOUR PUMP, and immediately call a qualified well pump and water filtration specialist like JKA Well Drilling & Pumps.

When frozen pipes are found, often other pipes have burst but haven’t been found.  By shutting the power off to your pump system you can prevent a catastrophic flood when the water system thaws out.

Why Choose JKA?

  • Experience you can trust: JKA has been serving Snohomish County for over 20 years, with a team of experienced and certified technicians.
  • Comprehensive solutions: From fixing broken and frozen pipes and pumps to installing preventative measures, JKA offers a complete range of services to keep your well system healthy all winter long.
  • Commitment to quality: JKA uses only the highest quality materials and equipment, ensuring lasting repairs and peace of mind.

Don’t wait until the ice bites! Protect your Snohomish County well system from winter’s wrath with proactive measures and professional help from JKA Well Drilling & Pumps. Visit their website at or call (360) 684-1932 for a free consultation today!

Remember, a little preparation now can save you a lot of headaches (and frozen pipes) later. Stay warm, stay safe, and let JKA keep your water flowing freely all winter long!

Additional Resources:

  • National Ground Water Association:
  • Water Quality Association:
  • Insulation Northwest:
  • Specialty Insulation NW:

By following these tips and partnering with a reliable professional like JKA Well Drilling & Pumps, you can ensure your Snohomish County well system weathers the winter with ease, leaving you free to enjoy the beauty of the season without the worry of frozen pipes and icy surprises.

Do you need help with your water system? 

If you need well repairs, a well inspection, a well drilled, or any of the other well and water system related services we provide, you can email us 24 hours a day at, or call us at (360) 684-1932 (office hours are Monday-Friday, 730AM - 300PM).

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