Water Filtration in Washington

Washington water filtration & treatment systems are designed to remove harmful pathogens from your water supply.   Whether the concern is nitrates, iron, arsenic or bacteria, a properly designed, installed, and operated water treatment system can deliver peace of mind to a growing family.

Point of Entry Water Filtration

If you want pure water from every faucet within your home, including at the washing machine, you’ll need what is generally called a Point of Entry system (POE).  Point of Entry water treatment systems typically are used to remove arsenic, sodium, barium, and bacteria from water well and surface water supplies.

POE systems tend to be sized to demand on the system. Generally, the most cost effective method of treating water like this is by using storage tank POE systems – the water is pumped from the well, treated, then into a storage tank system which provides for enough treated water to meet peak usage requirements (typically, peak usage is measured from 7AM to 9AM & 5PM to 7PM).
However, you have to be careful to separate the treated water from untreated water – such as the water used to wash your car from the water you drink. This can all be accomplished with detailed system design & usage analysis.

Point of Use Water Filtration

If you want water that is bottled water quality at your kitchen sink, or refrigerator door, you could do with just a reverse osmosis system under the counter top – any single point system such as this is called a Point of Use (POU) system.   Low levels of arsenic & barium are also treated this way, along with chlorine from municipal water supplies.

Filters for Municipal Water

Most bottled water products are from public water supplies – they take the water from the city water main and treat it before bottling. The same process can be performed under your sink, near your fridge, or at your water fountain, and you only have to buy it once!


Bag Vessel Filter Assemblies

  • Lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene construction gives you strength without weight.
  • Choice of 10″ or 20″ housings.
  • Available in 1″ and 1.5″ NPT sizes.
  • Comes complete with gauge, wrench and 3/8″ drain valve.
  • Light enough to be portable.
  • Economically priced.

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