DR24 Foremost Dual Rotary Drilling Rig For Sale

Foremost DR-24 For Sale, Monroe Washington, USA

FOREMOST DR-24 Drilling Rig, SN #2121

Foremost Dual Rotary Drilling Rig for drilling 6″ to 24″ cased holes for sale, FOB Monroe, Washington, USA.


Please direct all questions or offers to Pierce Kiltoff, President, JKA Well Drilling & Pumps – direct contact phone # 425-749-7003 or email pierce@jkawelldrilling.com.


The original machine was a Barber Industries machine, specifically serial #12. The machine has been heavily modified and updated, with little resemblance to the original 1984 machine.

As best as we can determine, the machine was purchased by a company in Minnesota when first built, then was absorbed into Boart Longyear when that company was bought by them.   Boart Longyear had the machine working in the SW USA, centered in the Utah area.   During their ownership, Boart sent the rig to Foremost to have the tower and drives replaced, along with most major hydraulic components, in the year 2000, and then put the machine on a new truck in 2007.


Foremost installed a whole new tower kit, including upper and lower drive, factory installation, in 2000. One lower drive feed cylinder and the upper drive feed cylinder were replaced/rebuilt in 2017 and 2018 respectively. A spare lower drive feed cylinder goes with the rig. The top head needs some replacement seals in the air swivel, we have those on hand but have not installed them. Estimate 1-2 hours to make repairs.  Because repairs haven’t been made, the swivel will leak water at low pressure (less than 100 PSI) but other than that it works fine.

After installation of the tower kit, Foremost renumbered the rig – the original rig is Barber Industries serial #12, but very little is left that’s original.


The compressor was rebuilt in April 2018, it is a Sullair rated at 900/350. Estimated 1900 hrs since rebuild by Global Drill Services in PA.   The hour meter was installed incorrectly on the compressor by the rebuilder and doesn’t work, so estimated hours are based on the total hours of the machine (probably overestimating, as we typically will disconnect the air when tripping pipe, welding, etc).


2020 we removed the hydraulic oil tank, had it professionally cleaned & welded a crack in the bottom.   Replaced approximately 50% of the hydraulic hoses on the machine at that time (especially focused around and under the tank location). In May 2021 the deck engine, Cummins KTA 19 600+ HP, underwent top to bottom out-of-frame rebuild, approx 350 hrs ago.  2 year unlimited-hour warranty is still in effect.  All hydraulic pumps and gearboxes for the pumps were examined and rebuilt as necessary.  PTO/Clutch on air compressor was replaced by Palmer Johnson at this time. Performance Diesel of Enumclaw, Washington did the engine rebuild, Cam Grinders did the block & all machine work for the engine, DA Farmer in Bend, Oregon (rig mechanic) did the installation of the clutch, engine, and pumps after rebuilding by others in Oregon (have some paperwork on this).
We put a new hour meter in it when we put the rig to work in late summer 2017 and since then we’ve put 2718 hours on the machine (roughly 500 hours a year).  The machine came to us with an unknown number of hours – the tachometer hour meter doesn’t work but shows 7362.3 hours.


We installed a Fabco hydraulic welder in early 2022, it has approximately 25 hrs on it. We have an electronic hydraulic valve to operate but currently, it’s run by an elastic cord => work in progress. We replaced the downhole air control valve (hydraulically operated) in 2022 as well.


 The machine has a 25 GPM FMC-style bean pump for water injection.   A spare pump can be sold with the machine if desired (not included).


We have an oiler for hammer drilling but have never installed it – can go with the machine for an extra price.


We have 6, 8, 10, and 12 in jaws and 6in quick adapter jaws to go with it. Also 10in discharge head swivel, adapters, breakout tools, and a Petol wrench.   Any and all spare parts we have from Foremost will go with the machine.


Carrier is a 2007 FREIGHTLINER with a Mercedes engine, 15-speed, dual lockers, air ride cab,  20k lift axle, and approximately 30,000 miles. Nice highway ride, a little slow uphill in lower ranges. Truck & rig weights a combined 63,500 LBS, approximately.  Tires & wheels were replaced in late 2020, approximately 2500 miles ago.


We are running an IR T3 with an Atlas rotator drilling mostly 6in wells, this machine is really overkill for us and has been sitting idle for most of this year and 2022 (we drilled one new well and decommissioned a few 12-IN wells in the last 12 months with this machine).


We can arrange transport to a port in the local Seattle/Tacoma area upon receipt of wire-transferred funds.   The carrier can be loaded on a low boy for transport across the USA or Canada (we used Combined Carriers for transport from Utah to Washington when we purchased the machine).


More photos of the machine can be found here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zR89kosW8WcDUQSK7