Covington Water Well Contractor

JKA Well Drilling & Pumps provides a full range of services in and around Covington, including Maple ValleyRavensdaleBlack Diamond, and Auburn.

Well Drilling in Covington

JKA Well Drilling provides on budget and on time drilling services for water well drilling in Covington, Washington. We specialize in clean water drilling applications, including residential water wells, irrigation wells, commercial wells, and group water system wells. We can provide Dual Rotary drilling for clean straight borehole construction through the toughest drilling environments, including drilling boulders, cobbles, and solid bedrock, all of which are found in the Covington area.

Well Site Selection in Covington

Please refer to the below table to determine how to properly your get your well sited. We have a list on our website of referrals to other professionals to help you navigate the septic design & site approval process, as necessary. New construction projects in King County require that a Critical Areas Designation (CAD) be completed by a Wetlands specialist prior to septic design work.

Water Well
(1 connection)
Yes Yes Yes EXEMPT
(see Exempt Well rules for limits)
Shared Well
(2 connections)
(see Exempt Well rules limits)
Replacement Well
(1 connection)
Yes Yes Yes EXEMPT
(see Exempt Well rules for limits)
Includes agricultural and/or stock water
See WAC 173-160-171
No* Yes Possibly EXEMPT
(see Exempt Well rules for limits)
Group Well
(Group A, 14+ connections)
Yes** Yes Yes Possibly EXEMPT
(see Exempt Well rules or contact an engineer)

Properties served by Covington Water District can NOT have a well per district policy – the well will need to be removed (decommissioned) or the water service will be disconnected.

**We recommend you hire an engineer for this work experienced with water system design. Please see the list of referrals.

Well Pumps in Covington

JKA Well Drilling and Pumps provides highly trained and licensed technicians to design, service, and repair your well pump system. Authorized dealers of Flint and Walling Pumps, Franklin Electric Pumps, Motors, and Controls, Grundfos Pumps, including the SQE variable speed 3-IN well pumps, and Flexcon Pressure Tanks, we pride ourselves on having a large inventory to meet your immediate service needs, and high quality materials to design and build the highest quality system we can deliver. For pump repairs in Covington, Washington, please call us at (360) 684-1932.

Well Repairs in Covington

Whether your well needs a full rehabilitation and cleaning or you’re just out of water due to a failed well pump motor, we can provide the tools, experience, and equipment to get your well repair in Covington done quickly and on budget.

Water Filtration in Covington

Water filtration in Covington is most often completed for Iron (orange staining, orange colored water) and low pH (blue-green staining, holes in copper pipes), and sometimes for sulfur (rotten egg odors) or manganese (black to dark brown staining, swamp like odor). Sometimes our customers need Water Conditioning in Covington, WA typically for hard water (calcium build up, ineffective soap, etc).


Well Inspections in Covington

Well inspections in Covington, WA and surrounds are completed by our trained & licensed technicians typically for real estate transactions. JKA has defined the rules and created most of the standards for well inspections in the Pacific Northwest by leading the pack with sophisticated reports, on time data delivery, and comprehensive testing. We believe in delivering a report and inspection that leaves the customer with in depth knowledge about their water system. 

Irrigation Wells in Covington

Irrigation well drilling in Covington is hampered by the Covington Water District’s rules against combining the use of wells with the water districts water system service. The water district specifically will NOT allow for the construction of an irrigation well on a property served by their system, and will either force the proper well decommissioning or disconnect water service. If your property is not served by the Covington Water District, and you can meet the minimum setbacks, we can provide an Irrigation Well per King County and Washington State requirements.

Do you need help with your water system? 

If you need well repairs, a well inspection, a well drilled, or any of the other well and water system related services we provide, you can email us 24 hours a day at, or call us at (360) 684-1932 (office hours are Monday-Friday, 730AM - 300PM).

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The lifespan of a well casing can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of casing material, the quality of the installation, and the environmental conditions. In Washington state, well casings typically last for 30-50 years, sometimes longer....

Here are some additional tips for well owners with older wells:

Be aware of the signs of well problems. This could include low water pressure, brown or cloudy water, or an unpleasant taste or odor. Have your well inspected more frequently than every 10 years, especially if you are located in an area with known groundwater...

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