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Sand, Screens and Open Area

Once water is discovered, it becomes drillers job to determine where the best place in the aquifer is to get the water. There's no such thing as an underground 'lake' in unconsolidated materials (sands, gravels, clay, etc) – all the aquifers are made up of sand & gravel formations with ... [read more]

Periodic Cleaning is Important for Owners of Residential Washington Water Wells

Periodically having your Washington water well cleaned is an important part of good maintenance for residential water well owners, the National Ground Water Association said today. Following are some signs that may indicate the need for a water well system cleaning ... [read more]

Flooded Lake City Water Wells Require Care Before Using Again

After a flood, the owners of Lake City household wells should take precautions to make sure their water is safe and their wells are in good operating condition, according to the National Ground Water Association ... [read more]

Residential Monroe Water Well Drilling: What Is Involved?

Water well drilling is something faced by most Monroe home builders, but can also be part of a home renovation process. Whether buying an existing home, building a new home or drilling a new well at your current residence, it is generally recommended to have well water tested as there may be many questions of water quality and safety ... [read more]

Water Well Drilling Methods

Water well drilling methods vary by the type of well being placed and the local geology. If you're a residential user in Snohomish, Washington, it's likely your well is only 50 to 100 feet deep, 6” in diameter, and steel cased into a sand & gravel aquifer, capable of producing 1 to 100 gallons per minute of water. The well could have been drilled using an old ... [read more]

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