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Marysville Well Drilling

Drilling water wells in Marysville, Washington since 1989, JKA Well Drilling & Pumps can provide excellent services for new homes, business, and farms. We ca drill, case, screen & develop water wells from 6" to 24" in diameter, and as deep as 1500ft. We can also provide pump testing, water testing, and follow up pump system design & installation services. Whether you're building a new home, developing a rural short plat (rural cluster), working your farm, or building a new business, you'll need water - and we can find it!

The geology of Marysville is mostly formed of glacial till that was backed up against the sandstone & shale of the foothills further North (Stanwood area) as the glaciers receded. Most of the hills to the North & along the coast can provide fairly deep wells (especially further to the Northwest of Marysville, such as in in Tulalip, or Stanwood), while to the East & South (Lake Stevens, Everett, Snohomish), the wells tend to be shallower and generally very good producers. Some areas close to the water are mostly of tidal flat/alluvial origin - ie, sands & silts all the way to the aquifer - this generally makes for easy drilling, and reliable aquifers, but some wells can have corrosion and/or salt issues.

Large parts of Marysville are well known for low pH water (acidic water), iron, & iron bacteria related water chemistry issues, and our Water Right Sanitizer system can provide proper water treatment & filtration to eliminate the staining, taste, and smell related to this water chemistry issue.

We can provide well pump services also – whether it's a 4” submersible pump in your shallow well, a jet pump on the surface, a 6” to 10” submersible turbine pump for your farm, or a booster system for your fire sprinklers, we can provide sales & service for all locally available brands – including Flint & Walling, Grundfos, Goulds, Franklin Electric, Jacuzzi (J-Class), Sta-Rite, Berkeley, and Pentek pumps.

Whether you need a new well dug, an old well cleaned out, a well pump serviced, or a water filter system, give us a call! We also do well inspections - don't buy that new house without it!

If you are looking for Marysville well drilling services then please call 360-794-7300 or complete our online request form.