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Darrington Well Drilling

Get a septic designer on site to determine the possible locations for a septic system & well - they will probably end up having to contact the County so that a biologist can confirm that there are no Critical Areas in the vicinity of either system. Check with Darrington Department of Development & Environmental Services (DDES) for other questions, regarding grading, filling, driveways, critical areas, etc.  They will also handle your building permit application.

Water Well Covenant - For Residential Water Supply Wells

Darrington Health requires that Darrington water wells be placed & protected by a 100-foot radius where no possible sources of pollution are & a covenant attached to the property showing this radius,  in order to protect the well from potential sources of pollution. In plain English - they ask that you show on a map where the well is, and that you not build any buildings, install any drainage or sewer systems, nor install any roads within this radius. In fact, they require that NO 'potential' sources of contamination be installed within this 100 foot radius. Darrington also requires you to record a document in the permanent record for your property, mapping the location of the well & the radius around it.

Irrigation Wells

Darrington has no special rules for the construction of irrigation wells, and in fact, these types of wells are often easier to site in Darrington than a domestic water supply well

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