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JKA Well Drilling & Pumps can provide your drilling, well pump, and water filtration services. We have access to multiple full lines of well pumps & parts, including Flint & Walling, Franklin Electric, Grundfos, Sta-Rite, Meyers, Berkeley, and Jacuzzi (now J Class). For specialty pump applications, we can provide access to custom engineered solutions, including vertical turbine, line shaft turbine, and pump sled design.

Whether you are looking to hire a Arlington well drilling contractor to dig a water well for consumption or other needs you can be sure that you are getting the best possible services and results when you give the experts at JKA Well Drilling a call.

JKA Well Drilling & Pumps - Arlington Well Drilling

Arlington area water wells vary greatly across the area. Some wells are drilled into shale/sandstone layers, while most are located in what is known as 'glacial till' – material laid down by receding glaciers during the last ice age. Glacial till is often made up of sorted layers of sands, gravels, clays, silts, boulders, & cobbles – well drillers look for sand and/or gravel layers with water.

Drilling, as in much of Washington, starts with a 10 inch diameter bore hole to 18 feet, for construction of a surface seal. Once the hole is 18 feet deep, a 6” well casing is installed, and a Bentonite clay sealant is installed between the 6” casing and 10” bore hole walls to prevent surface water from following the permanent casing down into the aquifer. Once the seal is in place, the 6” well casing will be drilled & driven down to the aquifer, wherever that may be, or to bedrock, where the well will then be advanced using open hole drilling techniques.

Low Producing or Plugged Up Well? Well Rehabilitation Services Available

Some wells have problems with calcification, mineralization, silting, and/or bacterial growth that can plug screens or pumps as the problem gets worse. This results in reduced well yield, longer pumping times, increased wear & tear on pumps and components, and losses in pressure. If you're having problems with low water pressure, low water levels, and/or debris in your well water, please call today to get a professional well technician on your site for a consultation regarding well cleaning/rehabilitation services.

JKA Well Drilling & Pumps – Filters, softeners, and conditioners - Water quality in Arlington

While most wells do not need a filter/treatment system, a lot of wells in Arlington have various water quality issues, including too much iron (ferric iron, ferrous iron, clear water iron), manganese, sulfur smell (hydrogen sulfide, reducing bacteria, iron bacteria, H2S, rotten egg odor), hardness, and low pH/acidic water.

Through the use of water softeners, Water Right Sanitizers, UV light systems, Water Right Impression series filters, calcite media, chlorination, etc. we can tackle most any water quality concern. If your water is colored, smells bad, or tastes off, give us a call today to get an on site analysis of your water supply.

Did you know that hard water causes soap stains/water spots to appear? Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of soap, requiring more soap per load of wash, etc. Hard water reduces the capacity for soaps to develop suds. If you have these symptoms in your water supply, give us a call today, and we'll test your water for a new water softener or water conditioner. We also can provide parts & service for your existing system. Call today!

Has your water suddenly changed in taste, color, or smell?

If your water suddenly takes a turn for the worst, there's something going on with the well and it should be looked at immediately. The first order of business would be to stop drinking the water, then call us so we can get a technician to your house ASAP.

Is there Arsenic in the water in Arlington?

Some water wells in Arlington do have arsenic in them. The presence of Arsenic varies greatly well by well. In fact, our company worked on two wells, located not more than 40 feet apart, one of which had arsenic in the water, the other did not – both wells were exactly the same depth and had water levels that changed based on the pumping rates in the other well. We have successfully organized the engineering, installation, and operation of minor & major water treatment systems for removing arsenic from residential water supplies.

Arlington - Well Pump Repair Contractor

Well systems in Arlington are made up of at least three major components – the well, the well pump, and the pressure tank. Any breakdown in the combination of these three components, and you'll be out of water. If this happens, call us today to get you back up and running.

The well pump is often a submersible style pump, made by Goulds, Sta-Rite, Flint & Walling, Grundfos, Franklin Electric, or Jacuzzi (amongst others), located at or near the bottom of the well. Additionally, some wells have what are known as Jet Pumps or Double Jets, which are suction style pumps located at the surface – these systems often suffer from a 'loss of prime', where the suction system gets air in it and can't create a vacuum to get the water going.

Pressure tanks deliver a pre-charged supply of water to the home for peak usage, but also provide for pump run time so that the motor cools properly. If your tank springs a leak in the diaphragm internally, or otherwise loses it's charge of air pressure, your pump will begin rapid cycling, and will eventually burn out. All pressure tanks should be checked once per year for adequate pre-charge – please email today for a free brochure on pressure tank maintenance.

If any of the above systems are faulty, unusually noisy, or leaking, please call today and schedule a well service appointment with our professional well pump technicians.

Arlington – Well Inspections & Water Testing

Are you buying or selling a home in Arlington? Is there a well at this home? Most home inspectors rarely see wells, and less have the breadth of knowledge to really know how the wells work or if their in satisfactory condition. Book a well inspection with JKA Well Drilling & Pumps today, and we can provide a flow test, a written report, arsenic, bacteria, & nitrates testing, and a walk through of the whole water system (some exceptions for filters/treatment systems apply, please ask for details).

If you are looking for Arlington well drilling services then please call 360-794-7300 or complete our online request form.